Knowing What Will Come



Remember though that we are not like the apple seeds. The apple reproduces after its kind which is apple but we reproduce after our kind. We also have God’s sovereignty imprinted in us. We have a choice about what we will embrace and this choice governs what we will reproduce.

By accepting and believing in God we are able to release the wonderful power contained within us for good and for light but outside of a right relationship with God we are helplessly reproducing the darkness and confusion of the selfish and frustrated part of us that is wandering away from Truth.

A seed can only reproduce after its own kind. It’s a law of nature. As surely as God has stamped in you an image of Himself so you are reproducing yourself in your children, your friends and your world and as relentless as the tides you can be aware that your world is tirelessly working to stamp its image on you.

Looking at a fruit will show what kind of seed produced it and what kind of fruit will come from its seed.

In nature we see reproduction after its own kind so also it is in human life. A simple exercise in awareness will allow us to see both where we came from and where we are going based on the influences that have been in our lives, the choices we have made and the telling fruits that have grown around us.

This is more than gifted foresight for the Christian. It is a simple and natural law written into nature and as easily observed as a garden. Understanding this law of nature becomes a powerful tool that brings clarity to the fundamental issues of life.




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